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Why appoint Patch and Taylor Real Estate to Manage Your Property?




Established in 1964, Patch and Taylor Real Estate has over 56 years’ experience in the Northern Rivers real estate market, we are independently owned & operated. A local, caring firm, we rely on our own name and ongoing service excellence for an established credibility.


In today’s litigious environment, its critical your property manager employs professional standards that mitigate risks associated with your property and tenants, contractors and the general public. Patch and Taylor Real Estate have proven systems in place that proactively address risk.


Our investigation of prospective tenants is rigorous. All prospective tenants must complete a tenancy application which includes a Privacy Act Acknowledgement & “100 point” identification checklist

We are a member of TICA (Tenancy Information Centre Australasia) which is a database of tenants who have defaulted (as far back as 7 years). It allows us to search to see whether a tenant has any defaults registered against them.

All references are substantiated including current employee and prior-landlord.

Once our extensive tenancy check has been completed we report to you for the final approval.


The following marketing mediums are used to seek out the best tenants for your valuable investment property.

Patch and Taylor Real Estate are leaders in the marketing and promotion of real estate in the northern rivers region of NSW. Apart from completely understanding lessee motivation and the best way to promote your property, we routinely utilize the most advanced marketing mediums in the promotion of our client’s sale and letting properties.

Here’s how Patch and Taylor source the best tenants for your property. By the ‘best tenants’, we really do mean the best. Through experience gained over decades, Patch and Taylor Real Estate understand the management implications of having a poorly validated tenant.


Patch and Taylor Real Estate utilize the very best in database software with systems that capture and record tenants contact details and their preferences. Our software is simply world class. We’re constantly letting and reletting properties and as such have an excellent knowledge base of potential tenants for your property.

*High resolution photography:

Quality photos are the starting point for promoting your property to the market.

*360 degree photography / virtual tours:

360 degree photography allows for virtual tours and a much better understanind of the property both before and after inspection..


Floor plans are developed for each property to allow for a better understanding of the premises layout. Floorplans also assist in the ongoing management as well as documenting a thorough In-going Report. 

*Factual, positive editorials:

Positive and accurate editorials assist in setting the promotion of the property.

*Colour brochures:

Patch and Taylor Real Estate produce high quality handouts for walk-in enquiries and for enquiry attending the Open-for-inspection promotions.

*High exposure office location:

Our office enjoys a very prominent position in Woodlark Street Lismore CBD with a constant stream of people passing our extensive window display along the main street , corner of Centre-walk Arcade, the main thoroughfare from the Council Carpark located immediately behind our office.

*Multiple Real Estate Web Sites:

Patch and Taylor Real Estate utilize multiple web sites including our own web site which integrates with our database to ensure all enquiry is captured. This technology is truly “cutting edge”.

*Social Media:

Patch and Taylor Real Estate are active users of social media. We promote properties on Facebook and Instagram as part of our general marketing.


All Patch and Taylor Real Estate personnel are seasoned professionals. We utilize the best and most efficient methods of communications meaning staff can literally act on any property no matter whether in the field or the office. We always prefer written communications, particularly from tenants as it provides proof of reporting and what was actioned.

*Home Opens:

We co-ordinate home-opens with prospective tenants to ensure the best possible tenant is located for your investment.


The above marketing mediums are the most effective however we can utilize other mediums such as high visibility extra-large signboards to promote the property as you prefer.

*Job Captain:

Please note, a senior property manager will be appointed who will have primary responsibility for your property. You should note however all staff interface with each other and all generally assist with the management of your property. And you should note Patch and Taylor Real Estate sales staff also actively assist as required to ensure the best outcomes for our owners, tenants and fellow staff members. That’s the “Team Patch and Taylor” ethos.


The following are typically performed by Patch and Taylor Real Estate personnel in the day to day management of your property.

- Advice on rental values, rent reviews and issuing Work Orders on any necessary or owner required repairs before the property is occupied.

- Advertising for and vetting potential tenants.

- Preparing the property condition report at the start of the tenancy and providing copies to the tenant and yourself. Our ingoing reports are bullet proof. We use the latest software and high-quality cameras to obtain the best possible photos, so ensuring a complete condition report.

- Preparing the lease and associated documents and arranging for tenant signatures.

- Keys management.

- Collecting, lodging, varying and applying for the release of security bonds with the Bond Administrator.

- Collecting rent payments.

- Making owner payments.

- Inspecting the property and ensuring it is suitably maintained.

- Paying accounts (such as water service charges; council rates).

- Arranging repairs.

- Smoke alarms compliance.

- Providing relevant notices and financial statements.

- Issuing breach/termination notices to the tenant or arranging for court proceedings when appropriate.

- Attending court on your behalf if there is a dispute with your tenant/s.

- Regular tenant contact related to smoke alarm maintenance on a monthly, six monthly and annual basis, so addressing duty-of-care in this critical area. Similarly, regular tenant contact related to mould observation, cleaning and reporting.

Please note were more than happy to discuss your property management needs so please feel free to discuss with any staff member.


Landlord insurance.


Residential & Commercial 7.7% commission on the gross rent collected (GST inclusive).

Rural 8.8% commission on the gross rent collected (GST inclusive).

 A detailed list of our fees and charges can be provided at your convenience.


Legislation requires the appointment of a Real Estate Agent be in writing, (Managing Agency Agreement). Patch and Taylor Real Estate can prepare a draft for your review at your convenience and without obligation.


Section 119 of the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 states that the only court or tribunal which can provide vacant possession is NCAT. It specifically excludes the Local, District or Supreme Court.

For any action before NCAT, which does not exceed $30,000, solicitors are excluded. This means if you have a complicated tenancy issue, solicitors are excluded from taking action. The only person who can assist a landlord to obtain vacant possession is a Real Estate Agent who holds an agency agreement with the landlord.



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